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Take the worry out of this years tax returns. We can handle everything and answer your tax related questions along the way.


We prepare estate, inheritance, gift and trust tax returns. Using our network of professionals, we can guide you through every step.


Business tax code is complex and mistakes are costly. Let us help. We can tailor our services to fit your budget.

Accounting Dumont NJ

There’s no need to look any further than Farley & Farley, CPAs when you’re searching for a trusted individual or corporate tax accountant in Bergen County NJ. We’ve got the experience you need to trust us with your finances, whether you’re an individual filing as the head of your household or you’re a small business owner. We can provide you with a level of service that is hard to find from other corporate accountants because of the fact that Farley & Farley, CPAs is a father and son team. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have a great deal to offer. With an economy that’s changing rapidly, it helps to have someone with experience on your side. Be certain Farley & Farley CPAs is your first choice whenever you’re in need of a qualified certified public accountant in Bergen County NJ.

Accounting Bergen County NJ

Are you in need of an experienced corporate accounting service in Bergen County NJ to help you encounter success with your business? Farley & Farley, CPAs is standing by. Having a professional corporate accountant on your side is helpful in more ways than simply assisting with your taxes. Many businesses fail within the first few years, and failure to manage their finances properly is among the main reasons. An experienced accountant can identify many possible issues and ensure your business runs smoothly. An added benefit of having a trusted accountant on your side is long term planning. Farley & Farley CPAs is the way to go if you need a qualified corporate tax firm near Dumont NJ that can help ensure your business runs smoothly in the long term.

Accountant Bergen County NJ

As a leading corporate accounting firm in Bergen County NJ, Farley & Farley, CPAs is capable of helping your business when it comes time for your taxes. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running. Getting the most out of your tax deductions is absolutely vital. Even though a large number of business owners begin to frantically think of this when tax season comes, it is already too late to have the most impact. A lot of deductions that are possible are not considered by many business owners, or aren’t properly accounted for throughout the year. When it comes to strategizing for your tax deductions, making sure you get to keep the most profit possible is something a qualified accountant is capable of helping you throughout the year. An audit is something every business owner dreads, and something an experienced accountant is also capable of helping you avoid. Farley & Farley is standing by to be your top choice if you’re in need of an expert corporate tax accountant near Dumont NJ on your side.

Accounting Firm Bergen County NJ

When you’re searching for a trusted certified public accountant in Bergen County NJ with experience you’re capable of depending on, call Farley & Farley, CPAs today. Farley & Farley CPAs is a perfect option if you’re in need of an experienced accountant as an individual in addition to our services for businesses. Life events or property purchases can make your tax returns fairly complicated, despite the fact that many individuals have simple tax returns. If you are a filer that’s self employed, you are more likely to receive an IRS audit. This isn’t ever something you want. Make Farley and Farley, CPAs your top choice for an accountant in Dumont NJ and be sure you’re in good hands.

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